Publisher and developer Nexon has published a financial report for the third quarter. The figures are higher than in the previous three months, but lower than last year. A possible reason is the rise of the Japanese yen against the dollar.


Art for Dungeon&Fighter by Nexon 
The third quarter for the company ended on September 30, 2016.

Revenue for this period amounted to ¥44.3 billion or $414.3 million, which is 11% less than at the same time last year. However, if we count the value of the 2015 yen, then revenue increased by 4%, according to Nexon representatives.

In other words, the company explains the decline in indicators by jumps in the exchange rate.

The net income of the publisher and developer for the quarter amounted to ¥7.6 billion or $71 million.

In the financial report, Nexon noted that the figures for the third quarter were “higher than expected.” This happened both thanks to PC titles and the success of the company’s mobile projects in China and Korea. Nexon representatives emphasize that the marginality of games in China turned out to be higher, and marketing costs are lower than expected. One of the most popular Nexon games in these countries are Dungeon&Fighter and MapleStory.

Source: Nexon