The Swedish holding Embracer Group, which acquired eight studios at once this month, published a report for the 2019 fiscal year (April 2019-March 2020). The company has increased its profit by a third and has already raised almost $200 million to acquire new developers.Key results

net sales of games totaled $369 million, with total revenue of $607 million;

  • profit before taxes (EBITDA) amounted to $210 million and increased by 33% compared to last year;
  • operating profit increased by 35% compared to last year, amounting to $120 million;
  • Over the past fiscal year, Embracer Group has acquired six developers, including Piranha Bytes, Milestone and Tarsier Studios;
  • the majority of the company’s portfolio accounts for action games (26%), sports games (16%), strategies (15%) and simulators (14%).
  • The main studios of Embracer Group

THQ Nordic projects accounted for 22% of the total revenue from the sale of games.

  • Among the games published by the company last year is Darksiders Genesis, which is mentioned in the Embracer Group report among the key releases. There are currently 116 different IP addresses in the THQ Nordic portfolio;Deep Silver games generated 34% of total revenue, and the company now has 34 IP addresses.
  • The company plans to release projects such as Dead Island 2, Wasteland 3, as well as the console release of Pathfinder: Kingmaker;Coffee Stain, noted for projects like Deep Rock Galactic and Satisfaction, brought Embracer Group 5% of total revenue.
  • Future plans

now Embracer Group plans to release at least one AAA game annually;

  • at the moment, Embracer Group has 118 games in development, more than half of which have not even been announced yet;
  • the holding will continue to purchase new companies.
  • Just this month, eight studios were bought at once, including 4A Games (developers of the Metro series of games);For this, Embracer Group has already raised $190 million.;
  • the company’s board of directors also includes two veterans of the gaming industry:
  • David Gardner and Matthew Karch, co-founder of Saber Interactive.Also on the topic:

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