Despite the loss of exclusive rights to release Star Wars games, EA does not intend to abandon the profitable direction. In a conversation with investors, the company stated that its total earnings on franchise titles exceeded $ 3 billion.This was told by the CEO of Electronic Arts Andrew Wilson (Andrew Wilson).

He noted that the company will continue to invest in new Star Wars games and develop partnerships with Disney.

“So far, this direction has been very profitable, and we are looking forward to what games we can make in the future. We should not take [the loss of exclusivity] as a signal that we will create fewer titles,” Wilson said.

At the moment, EA has earned over $3 billion on various projects under the Star Wars license. It is worth noting that we are not talking about revenue, but about net bookings — the sum of net sales and deferred transfers from games that have not yet arrived on the company’s balance sheet.

In 2013, Electronic Arts signed an exclusive contract with Disney for 10 years. After the reorganization of Lucasfilm Games, other studios also received the right to engage in Star Wars projects (Ubisoft has already announced its game).

Over the past seven years, EA has released several games based on the famous franchise, including two parts of Battlefront and Jedi: Fallen Order. The most successful Star Wars project was the mobile Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, whose earnings exceeded $1.2 billion.