CyberAgent presented a report on the development of the mobile advertising market in Japan. According to the company’s estimates, the size of the industry will grow and reach $3.1 billion by 2017.


In the report, CyberAgent defines mobile advertising as follows: “this is a type of marketing aimed at certain users or Internet resources and delivering information through systems that use advertising deals.”


It can be concluded that the market share of PCs will be less in 2015 than the market share of mobile advertising for smartphones ($1.46 and $1.16 billion). By the end of the reporting period, inequality will be distributed in the proportion of 1 to 2 ($1.03 and $2.09 billion, respectively).

The following is a report in which mobile advertising is divided into three parts:

  • RTB advertising
  • CPC/CPM advertising
  • CPI/CPA-advertising

In these three areas , the profitability is distributed as follows:


It becomes clear from the graph that the distribution of the market between types of mobile advertising will not change significantly: CPM advertising will have a significant advantage until 2017.

CyberAgent is one of the largest mobile advertising providers in Japan.  He develops and sells products for phones, smartphones and PCs, as well as games, the most famous of which outside the country is Rage Of Bahamut.