Marketing firm Mintegral is preparing a Playturbo platform for game developers. It will allow you to create interactive advertising banners.

The creator of the project is the Mintegral—owned Mindworks studio. This is reported by Venturebeat.

With Playturbo, it will be possible to quickly create and test ads for mobile games. The developer will be able to do it himself, without involving specialists in interactive videos. The platform supports multilingualism, which will allow you to make banners for different regions.

Another function of the platform is the export and import of created ads compatible with the tools of advertising networks such as AppLovin and ironSource, Google, Unity, Facebook and Vungle.

Playturbo has not opened yet. You can request a demo version of it on the Mindworks website.

Interactive or playable advertising (playables) allows you to test the game before installation. The banner is a piece of real gameplay, and if the player is interested, he can go to the mobile store with one click and download the full version. Such an ad lasts on average 30 seconds.

Mintegral analysts claim that it is more effective than conventional banners. 82% of advertising campaigns launched on the basis of the company contain interactive videos. The latter bring 70% of app installs and increase retention by 10% while the campaign is running.

Mintegral is a 200—person marketing company based in Beijing. The staff of her “daughter” Mindworks includes 50 people.

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