A third of Americans aged 13 and older play games on their smartphones, tablets and portable gaming devices, according to research by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA).


A report dedicated to the audience of the mobile gaming market in America showed that two-thirds of respondents are sure that games on mobile phones do not affect the time they spend playing on PCs or consoles. More than half (54%) of players evenly distribute time between devices, and 11% prefer to devote time to one thing.

About 22% of users admitted that they had no gaming experience before, or stopped playing long before buying a smartphone. Approximately 46% reported that from time to time they played video games on consoles and PCs, but became addicted to this activity only with the purchase of a mobile device.

The report has interesting statistics on the popularity of genres. So, 43% prefer puzzles, 26% – cards, 20% gave the first place to word games, and 19% of respondents gave action games and arcades (obviously, some could not choose who to give the palm to, and named several genres among their favorites).


Users tend to play mobile games at home (85%), in the car (25%) and in queues (20%).


Oddly enough, word of mouth remains the most reliable means of advertising. On the recommendation of acquaintances, exactly half of the respondents choose the game; 31% start playing for the company with friends and family, and 25% of respondents learn about new games from social networks.

The decision to purchase a console or PC game, according to 42% of users, was made after they liked the version of the title on mobile.

And finally, the results that almost every statistical report reveals: women tend to play more often than men and are more active users. 43% of the women surveyed play every day, while among men the proportion of those who visit their favorite game every day is 36%.

During the report, 3,264 people aged 13 and older were interviewed.

Source: http://www.theesa.com/newsroom

Entertainment Software Association (ESA) is an American association of software and computer game manufacturers. Formed in April 1994 under the name Interactive Digital Software Association (IDSA) and renamed ESA on July 16, 2003. Located in Washington.