DeluxeWare Studio presents to your attention its latest development in the “Castle Defense” genre, called The Wars II Evolution, which has not only bright and beautiful graphics of a very funny style, but also a very original and exciting gameplay.

As it should be in games like “castle defense”, your duties will include organizing the protection of your main base from enemy attacks, for which you can build defensive structures and use various skills against advancing opponents.

But the gameplay is by no means limited to defensive tasks, because in order to successfully complete each level, you need to overcome the resistance of enemies, reach their base and completely destroy it.

As you progress through the campaign in The Wars II Evolution, your troops will improve both in characteristics and in their technological level. The developers have introduced an interesting and original model of army pumping into their game, offering you to gradually gain the necessary knowledge to move from one technological era to another, so that you will step by step go through the path of evolution from the Stone Age to a highly developed civilization of the electronic era.

Each era implies its own set of units and defensive structures, as well as the use of various tactics in battles with the enemy. In addition, different eras imply the presence of different means of mass destruction, the competent use of which may be the key to victory. The excitement of the fight is greatly spurred by the fact that the enemy is gradually evolving and you need to do it faster than him, so as not to be helpless in front of the advancing enemy troops.

In general, you have a smart strategy with an original approach to the implementation of the classic gameplay model, plus The Wars II Evolution has high-quality cute graphics, perfectly drawn locations and a lot of funny units carefully selected for each era. A well-implemented idea in a decent shell will surely appeal to connoisseurs of good strategies of the “castle defense” genre.

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