Don’t know what fun and useful to do with your baby? Then a fascinating educational application Smart Kitty, created together with a talented children’s teacher-psychologist for children aged 1 to 6 years especially for your child.

The educational application “Smart Kitty” will allow kids to learn a lot of new things in a colorful way, develop logic, attention, thinking and memory.

Training takes place according to the principle: we see, we hear, we remember, we train. And the main character of the application, the interactive kitten Smart Kitty, will accompany your baby on the path of knowledge. Kitty is smart and friendly, he loves to communicate, and when he is touched and stroked his tummy, meows and purrs with pleasure. It is he who will guide the baby to complete tasks, talk about the correctness of the actions performed, rejoice with the child when the task is completed and cheer for new successes. In addition, at the beginning of the game, the kid himself will be able to choose the color of his kitten, and then change it in the learning process.


The Smart Kitty app includes six educational mini-games with tasks of various difficulty levels:

  • COLOR: consolidation of knowledge about colors (blue, red, etc.);FORM: fixing ideas about shape and geometric shapes (circle, square, etc.);
  • MAGNITUDE: consolidation of knowledge about the size of objects (large-small, high-low, etc.);
  • QUANTITY: consolidation of knowledge about the set (determining the number of items in a group, distinguishing a group of 1, 2, 3 items, etc.);
  • THINKING: development of logic and thinking (highlighting the properties of an object or selecting an object from a group); 
  • ATTENTION AND MEMORY: development of memory and attention (find the missing item, etc.)
  • For the correct execution of tasks, the kid will be awarded points.


Then, with these points, the child will be able to choose a reward for his efforts – a new colorful toy in a special toy store.

“Smart Kitty” has a simple and intuitive interface designed specifically for the little ones. Therefore, children will be able to play independently, without the help of their parents. At the same time, parents can always track the progress of their child by viewing the statistics of the game. 


Statistics include the following information: points for the game, the date of the last access to the game, correct and incorrect answers, the best result, how many games were played in each module. Thus, parents are given the opportunity to see what the baby is having difficulties with, what his successes are manifested in, without personally tracking the progress of the game. If several children will play from one device at once, then each child can be registered in the game by entering his name and uploading a photo, in order to subsequently track the result of the game, determine the best results of each child.


The Smart Kitty app is a bright and exciting game filled with music and colorful special effects. Developed by real professionals in collaboration with the Master of Psychological Sciences, author of more than 40 scientific articles and 4 educational publications on child pedagogy and psychology, teacher-psychologist Tatiana Nedvetskaya. Also, when creating the application, the wishes and observations of loving parents, data from repeatedly conducted studies were taken into account.

The app is available for iOS and Android platforms.  You can download “Smart Kitty” in the AppStore and Google Play for $ 0.99 or 33 rubles.

Download for iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/smart-kitty-razvivausaa-obucausaa/id767572698?mt=8

Download for Android:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.acvitus.Kitty

You can get acquainted with the application in the official trailer of “Smart Kitty”.