Hello to all fans of mobile gaming! So I finished my first project, my first game.

I’ve always loved games, and even more to play fun games. And then one “beautiful” day when the staff of the company in which I worked was cut, I decided that I would stop doing what I didn’t really like. But what to do? And then I remembered my old dream, namely, to create a game. And not a simple game, but an “ideal” game that would be boring to play and it would be interesting for both children and adults :). Well, I thought, this is a sign and decided not to give up my dream, but rather to take up the realization of it.And the long, sleepless nights began.

Finding an idea for a game, developing a concept, writing a script, developing a main character, etc. This process took me so long that I didn’t even notice how a couple of months flew by. But during this period, I still achieved certain results, namely: the main character, the script and the concept of the game itself were ready. And then I realized that I had conceived a major project that would be very difficult to create alone. I started looking for a fanatic like me. But it turned out to be not very easy either, most of my friends, after getting acquainted with my ideas, said that it was unrealistic for two or three people in a team, and began to convince me that nothing would work out for me… But I didn’t pay attention to them and continued to search. And after a while I found a person who was ready to give himself completely to the project. And we started the development. Immediately we faced many problems, and there was even a moment almost at the very beginning when we ourselves despaired and wondered if we had taken too much on ourselves. But we continued to go to our goal no matter what. As the development progressed, another enthusiast joined us, and we three heroes continued our work with even greater inspiration :).And now, after just six months, it’s ready, our first game is SIDLAND.

Our main character’s name is SID, when he falls asleep, he gets into his fantasy world – SIDLAND. There are different adventures waiting for you. Our main pride is that all levels are different and have different gameplay. This will not let you get bored for a second. Between levels, you can relax in the laughter room. There you can also play with the main character, change clothes, feed, throw on the walls and generally do whatever you want with him!We have come a long and thorny way from the idea to the final product, but it’s worth it.

It’s hard to put into words what we felt when we completed it. And it’s even harder to put into words how happy we were when she got into the AppStore. Of course, we understand that this is our first game and maybe we didn’t succeed, everything turned out as planned, but we are happy with the end result and hope that YOU will appreciate our work! Our plans are to continue to create games, make a high-quality product and delight gamers around the world. Our next game is on the nose, which I think everyone should like, we will be happy to tell you about its release a little later, and we will try to please you with new interesting games as often as possible!SIDLAND