Say Goodnight Baby's House

Puppet Life, a developer of children’s apps, announces the release of Say Goodnight, an app for preparing a child for bed.When the tired sun is replaced by a silver month, it’s time for Say Goodnight.

This kind story is about a baby and his animal friends. It’s time for the main character to go to bed, but first he needs to say good night to the inhabitants of the forest and farm. And at the same time finish your little things before going to bed: collect toys, wash, brush your teeth, comb your hair and put on pajamas. The Say Goodnight app is a nice graphics and a lullaby melody to create a comfortable bedtime environment.

Say Goodnight boy

The Puppet Life team values the safety of children, so the app does not contain ads, in-app purchases and links. Say Goodnight is a cute bedtime story that unites kids and their parents.

Say Goodnight Dog


Say Goodnight Owl

* Game.

Lull 12 animals to sleep with a slight movement of the device from right to left. *Training.

The app tells you about the important steps of preparing for bed. Help the baby to collect toys, wash, brush his teeth, comb his hair and put on pajamas. *Interactive.

All the characters of the interactive fairy tale come to life before your eyes.* Heroes.

12 cute and kind animals (Bear, Owl, Squirrel, Hedgehog, Cow, Horse, Piggy, Chicken, Cat, Dog, Bird, Mouse).*Atmosphere.

Colorful locations of Forests, Farms and Baby Houses.*Music.

A soothing lullaby melody for going to bed.*Security.

The app does not contain ads, links, or in-app purchases. Download for iOS: ?

ls=1&mt=8Check out the Say Goodnight trailer on YouTube.

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Say Goodnight bedtime app

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