The game Ravenhill Asylum: Hidden Objects by Renatus is now available not only on the Apple Store and Amazon, but also on Google Play.

Ravenhill Asylum is not just a hidden object game, you will find a lot of mysterious quests, collections and bonuses in it.

Be ready to meet new characters: both friendly and ready to help, and those who will try to harm you!

Find a way out of the strange Ravenhill asylum for the mentally ill. It’s not so easy, because there are not quite ordinary crazy people living there. You can explore the hospital building with your friends. Complete various tasks and search for mysterious artifacts together. Help each other to make the game more interesting!

You will be amazed by a large number of unusual characters, a variety of puzzles, a lot of collectibles, an ever-evolving plot of the game, hypnotizing music and powerful artifacts. In addition, you can play in two modes: normal and nightmare mode. All this awaits you in an incredibly exciting adventure through the Ravenhill Psychiatric Hospital!

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