Infinite Software, a developer of mobile applications and games, has launched MERC, a free economic strategy for iOS devices.

The main task of the game is to become a wealthy trader by buying and selling goods at the right moment.The goal of the developers is to create a trading simulation that is able to attract a wider audience, not limited to users of traditional stock games.

To achieve this, the I nfinite S oftware team replaced “stocks” with well–known goods – corn, coffee, gold and oil.

Team leader Evgeny Latyshov: “We wanted to simulate real trading processes as realistically as possible while keeping the gameplay simple and at the same time intriguing. I think we did it, let the players judge the rest.”At the beginning of each gaming session, all users receive the same initial conditions – virtual money, which is a tool for buying goods.

As in the real market, the prices of goods depend on economic events and the actions of opponents. The user must monitor the market and influence it to determine the right moment to buy or sell goods at more favorable prices. The goal of each player is to have the largest amount of money and goods at the end of each game session. The player can also choose between a single user or a multi user game.MERC has been available for free in the AppStore since December 22, 2013.

The game is dedicated to all lovers of economic strategies. Infinite Software company was founded in 2012 and specializes in the development of mobile applications.

The company is quite young.  But a team of experienced developers strives to create high-quality Apps. “Even the most daring ideas can be implemented in applications” is the company’s motto.Features of the game:

 Single player / Online multiplayer Game Options:

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