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We will help you choose a high-quality and dynamic game. Anuloid Games, a developer of mobile games on iOS and Android platforms, has earned great popularity in its field of activity over the three years of its work, as evidenced by user reviews and parting words.

     All games created by the company are unique and fully work for both iPhone/iPad/ iPod and Android. The company employs highly qualified specialists who, when creating each game, devote themselves entirely to work.And only for this reason the company cooperates with many well-known companies in the mobile games market and creates a high-quality product.Anuloid Games company is in a hurry to please all gamers of the world!

        Do you like interesting races? Are you gambling? Do you like to compete online? Then our game GraviTire 3 D is for you. We are sure that you will really enjoy racing on different tracks around the world. After all, GraviTire 3 D is not a simple race, you will not drive a car or a truck, but an ordinary tire. It may seem funny to you, but in fact, after trying to pass the track once, you will want to play again and again. You will have to gas in the right sections of the highway. The tire is programmed in such a way that when you tap the screen, the gravitational force of the engine is activated, directed downwards, so rev up on descents and see that you make no mistake! You will be given 17 tracks with several levels of difficulty with 3 D terrain. You can also use a simple registration to play online with friends and with strangers.If you tell your friends about your achievements on Facebook, you will earn coins with which you can have a lot of advantages. Believe me, you will not regret your time spent on GraviTire 3 D. The game is designed for players of different age categories. And what is especially important, it is absolutely free.Well, are you interested?

      Then, download and play! Don’t forget to leave a comment on the game.With great respect and appreciation, Anuloid Games.