A new game has been released for fans of runners, sports and adventures.Fantastic Team is a colorful, dynamic, endless runner.

A distinctive feature of the game is very easy control and constantly emerging new locations.Platform: Android

Requirements: Android 2.0.1 or later

Category: Runner, Sports, Adventure, Action

Cost: Free, you can buy in-game currency for real money


After an accident on a spaceship carrying galactic champions, the runners found themselves on an unknown planet. Now they are far from each other, and before returning to the ship, they need to gather the whole team. But it’s not as simple as it seems! The planet is teeming with dangers: tricky trees, suddenly falling boulders, all kinds of coins, barriers, evil mammoths and hot magma! Runners will have to work hard to get home… alive.

Recently, the mechanics of runners have become more and more complicated. It is very easy to die in such games and, alas, not because of a bad reaction, but the developers of Fantastic Team went from the opposite, returning simplicity of mechanics and intuitiveness to the game. Thanks to the easy controls, the game turned out to be very dynamic and at a certain stage will require good reaction and attentiveness from the players.

It is very easy to control the runner – unlike most other runners, in Fantastic Team movement takes place by clicking on the right and left sides of the screen.


At the beginning of the mission, the player has only one runner, five more need to be found at different race distances. Each of the runners is endowed with its own characteristics, so that the chosen character will directly affect the style of the game. For example, a gorilla runs slower. Moreover, it is even slower than its turtle counterpart, which the developers have endowed with a business streak.

The graphics are very funny, colorful, juicy and bright. The art is unobtrusive, the animations are light and pleasant. Even a long game does not strain the eyes at all, the colors while running are very invigorating. The locations are diverse and each has its own color scheme.


Fantastic Team is addictive because it is a runner in its purest form, which can be played anywhere and at any time. In addition, the developers promise to release new planets full of locations and runners.

Gameplay Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUx4lkn01yoFeatures:

  • simple and convenient operation with taps;
  • 6 unique colorful locations on one of many planets;
  • 6 different runners with unique properties;
  • useful bonuses that can be pumped;
  • interesting and unexpected obstacles;
  • the ability to continue the race if crashed.