A logic game with mechanics similar to tag.

It is necessary to collect figures by moving cubes of different colors on the field.

Platform: WindowsPhone 7

Category: Puzzles

Cost: Free


At each level, a certain period of time is given, during which it is necessary to have time to collect all the figures.

The current figure is displayed at the bottom of the screen, it must be placed on the playing field anywhere.

There is one free slot among the dice on the field. It is possible to move the closest one of the cubes onto it.

When collecting a figure, the cubes turn over, changing their colors, to compose the next figure.

As soon as all the figures are collected, the level is passed.



The faster you complete the level, the more points you will earn.

Compete with your family and friends.

There is also an Online high score table where you can compare your score with the best players from around the world.


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