Continuation of the first part of the “Davinci Riddles”, an exciting game where you need to solve puzzles and solve non-standard puzzles.“The Mysteries of DaVinci: Renaissance” (“Renaissance”) continues the idea of the first part, but on a new level.

Even more interesting and challenging puzzles from various fields of knowledge, new puzzles are waiting for you.

Da Vinci: The Renaissance will delight you with a beautiful and intuitive interface, columns, frescoes, soft paper textures – everything is designed in the Renaissance style and immerses you in an atmosphere of sophistication and aristocracy.Drawing an analogy with the ideological content of Renaissance art, in comparison with the previous part of “Riddles: Davinci”, a reworking and rethinking of the design concept made in the antique style using the textures of old paper is visible, various stylistic solutions are used for different screens of the game.


For titles and inscriptions in the game, a certain Antiqua font is used, this serif font appeared during the Renaissance in Western Europe. The game allows you to feel the spirit of a bygone time. To make a trip to the past and imagine yourself in Florence or on one of the Venetian squares, you just need to launch the game “DaVinci: Renaissance”. The game is a set of puzzles in three languages (Russian, English and Chinese), divided for ease of perception into several target categories, the vast majority of which relate to fundamental or humanities.


The main part of the game consists of solving riddles from different fields of knowledge.

Knowledge of mathematics and geography, history and art can be useful. By the way, most riddles can be answered even without having special knowledge in some area, you just need to think a little logically. Text and graphic hints help in solving riddles. Also, if you almost called the answer or came very close to it, the game system will help you by giving an additional hint to push in the right direction.For each language, the set of both categories and riddles is different, but not much inferior to each other in complexity or fascination.



In addition to text puzzles, there are two types of interactive puzzles in the game: “Tag” and “Riddles with marble sticks”.

The first is a well-known game of tag, in which you have to put together various pictures from Renaissance cars to paintings by outstanding painters. “Riddles with marble sticks” is an interpretation of riddles with matches made in marble, with Renaissance-style decorative elements.DaVinci: Renaissance” disposes to a leisurely and thoughtful gameplay and is perfect, both for playing with friends, and for passing the time waiting, as well as for a relaxed game on vacation.



This game has powerful support for social services. You can show your friends achievements, as well as, in difficult situations, share a riddle by posting it directly from the application to your wall. Surely one of your friends will help you solve it. A wonderful pastime with benefits – that’s the charm and uniqueness of “DaVinci: Renaissance”.Free version: version: video: