Angry Heroes (Evil Heroes) is an exciting MMORPG genre game with action taking place in a fantasy world.

The game with visual effects and charming graphics in the style of comics is saturated with tons of humor and comic situations in which the Hero finds himself. The player is invited to choose his Hero, whom he will “pump”.

During the game, in the struggle for a “place in the sun”, irradiated in a very funny and unexpected outfit and armed with certainly “strange” weapons, the Hero faces evil and clumsy bosses in battles, goes through exciting quests, participates in minigames, and with a victorious desire in the Arena of battles, accepts or challenges others online players.

The game is designed to be understandable and accessible even to beginners. At the beginning, the player is instructed and trained, which makes it possible to quickly get into the game. With further progress, the game is complicated by the tasks that the Hero performs and the opportunities that open up to him! And here the player will need to use all his logical abilities, as well as the skills acquired at the initial stages.

Owners of Android devices have been familiar with the Angry Heroes game for more than a year. It has successfully gained a foothold in smartphones and tablets of more than 400,000 active players and is regularly updated, pleases and surprises with an ever-growing gaming world.

The game “Angry Heroes” is available to Apple AppStore and Google Play users for free worldwide in different languages.

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