Xsolla has announced the acquisition of Slemma, a company that analyzes data and allows you to create customizable dashboards. Now these tools will be integrated into the Xsolla platform.The amount and other details of the transaction were not disclosed.

Integration will take place during 2021, and Slemma features will be available directly in the Xsolla publishing cabinet.

“Together we will be able to create a truly unique ecosystem, providing gaming companies with access to advanced reporting and data visualization tools,” said Alexey Yudin, one of the founders of Slemma.

Slemma specializes in analytics tools (including for game developers). The company collects data through third-party platforms and services such as Microsoft Azure, Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon RDS.

Xsolla is a platform that provides a whole range of cloud services for monetization and publishing of games. This year, the company also launched the Mobile Game Commerce service to distribute mobile games outside of official stores.