The Irish startup W4 Games, founded by Godot veterans, recently announced a Series A funding round. As part of it, the studio will receive a transfer of $15 million from a group of investors.


The funds are planned to be spent on:

  • support for open source development;
  • creation of products and services that will contribute to the further expansion of Godot (in particular, W4 Consoles, software to simplify the porting of games to the console, and W4 Cloud, a service that simplifies the integration of multiplayer into games on the engine);
  • expansion of the engine into international markets;
  • creation of new educational programs on Godot.

Also, thanks to investments, W4 Games expects to double the size of the studio in the next 18 months.

For reference: W4 Games was founded in 2021 by Juan Linietsky, co-author of Godot, Remi Verschelde, project manager and maintainer of Godot, as well as Fabio Alessandrelli, who wrote the network part of Godot and is responsible for packaging the HTML5 component of the engine.

W4 Games sees its task as supporting the Godot ecosystem and community, which is an open source solution. By support, the company also means the release of commercial solutions for the engine. Plus a donation for its further development.

At the start, OSS Capital, Lux Capital, Sisu Game Ventures and Bob Young, the founder of Red Hat, invested in the startup. In addition to these companies, the co-founder of AngelList and AirChat, former top managers of Elastic, GitLab and SugarCRM, co-founder of OpenSea, CEO of GitHub and many others took part in the new round.

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