Big Run Studios, specializing in casual mobile games, raised $5.25 million. The seed round was led by Transcend Fund, and Galaxy Interactive was the other investor.Thanks to the investments received, the California studio will be able to release a new Big Cooking game soon.

It will be designed for casual players.

“Additional investments will expand our capabilities and allow us to accelerate development,” said Andrew Bell, CEO of the studio. According to him, the company aims to create “best practices” for diverse groups of casual players.

In March, Big Run Studios received $1.4 million through the Galaxy EOS VC Fund. In total, the developers managed to attract $ 6.6 million for the development of new projects.

The most successful Big Run Studios game is Blackout Blitz, which occupies a leading position among bingo in the App Store. All the company’s projects are distributed free of charge and do not include microtransactions. The Skillz betting service is used for monetization.

Skillz is integrated into projects as a multiplayer component. This allows players to compete with each other and earn real money on the bets they make during online sessions.

Transcend Fund specializes in supporting projects at the early stages of development. It is managed by the former executive director of Gree Shanti Bergel (Shanti Bergel). In April, the fund raised $50 million. The fund’s money was previously received by the studios Nifty Games, Bunch and Treehouse Games.

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