tinyBuild is expanding. The company includes the American publisher Versus Evil and its internal studio Red Cerberus, specializing in QA. The total amount of the transaction may amount to $31.3 million.The Banner Saga 3

According to tinyBuild, she will pay $12.5 million immediately.

Versus Evil will be able to receive another $18.8 million in the next three years.

According to tinyBuild CEO Alex Nichiporchik, this deal meets the chosen M&A strategy. The company intends to create a recognizable publishing brand, become a service provider and gain a foothold in developing regions such as South America.

Versus Evil is an American publisher run by Steve Escalante. The company specializes in RPG and turn-based strategies. Her portfolio includes titles such as Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, Antihero, Armikrog and The Banner Saga series.

Versus Evil also includes the Brazilian QA studio Red Cerberus, which employs 250 people. Now she will help tinyBuild with game development and testing.

The purchase of Versus Evil is the fourth acquisition of tinyBuild after the IPO in March. In total, the publisher has closed seven M&A deals this year, including the takeover of Russian studios Bad Pixel, Hungry Couch and Moon Moose. This allowed the company to expand its staff to more than 400 employees.