A new studio Made on Earth Games has appeared. It was founded by Yuri Krasilnikov, former vice president for development of Belka Games, and Alexey Ilyin, producer and creator of the Interactive Cartoon studio. With the support of The Games Fund, the team will develop a mobile 4X strategy.Yuri Krasilnikov and Alexey Ilyin

Made on Earth Games received funds as part of the pre-seed round.

The size of the investment was not disclosed.

Yuri Krasilnikov will take the position of CEO of the new company and will be responsible for team building, as well as marketing, analytics and business development. Prior to that, he headed the business development direction at Belka Games for four years, and also participated in the development of Clockmaker, Funky Bay and other studio hits.

The post of CPO in Made on Earth Games will be taken by Alexey Ilyin, who will be responsible for the product, gameplay and art components of the future game. Previously, he headed the Interactive Cartoon mobile studio, and was also the producer of Disciples III: Reincarnation.

Now Made on Earth is working on its first 4X strategy game for iOS and Android. There are few details about the project so far.

Our goal is to combine high—quality graphics, deep creative gameplay and modern technologies. We want to provide amazing gaming opportunities for strategy lovers all over the world. We are fans of strategies and are very pleased that the prospects of the idea to develop a game of this genre were confirmed by market analytics. Experienced leads in every direction — art, game design, narrative and technical - share our vision

Alexey Ilyin

CPO Made on Earth Games

According to Ilya Eremeev, co-founder of The Games Fund, 4X strategies feature deep social mechanics and great potential for monetization. The Foundation intends to help the company create a new leader in this genre.

Made on Earth Games is a distributed studio with offices in Moscow and Cyprus. It has already been joined by several experienced people from the industry, and now the team continues to expand.