Omni Creator Products (OCP) is a startup founded by two people from Epic Game s. The company raised $4.3 million to create its first product. It will be a platform for creating UGC games.OCP was founded by brothers Nick and Mike Atamas, who previously worked on Unreal Engine.

They received their first funds from Upfront Ventures, Pragma, Everblue Management and former Epic Games president Paul Meegan.

Investments will be used to create a platform through which ordinary users will be able to create their own games and virtual worlds. According to the Atamas brothers, they have dreamed of such a project since childhood.

“We didn’t want to create something from scratch, but to use our favorite games as a canvas on which we can tell stories and implement our ideas. This creative desire is universal for all players. They want to be not only consumers, but also actively participate in the process of creating games,” said Mike Atamas.

This is exactly the “canvas” OCP wants to give users. Users will interact with each other in a single world and will have access to all the tools with which the Atamas brothers will build this virtual space.

As Mike noted in an interview with 80 Level, platforms like Roblox and Core simplify development, but do not change the process of creating games. Because of this, users have to work with an empty “canvas”. OCP wants to give players a ready-made palette and intuitive means to implement ideas.

Mike compares interaction with the future site with a board game. Users will receive not a professional set of tools that they will not be able to understand, but an easy-to-use database. With its help, they will be able to change the platform itself and create new projects based on it.

OCP is developing the project on Unreal Engine. It is not yet known when exactly the platform will be released.