A gaming fund with Russian roots, The Games Fund, decided to support the St. Petersburg studio AY Games. He invested in the authors of the Deck of Ashes card buttler an amount of $ 500 thousand.

Deck of Ashes
In return, the foundation received a minority stake in the studio.

AY Games started working in 2017. At first, she specialized in premium PC games, but then switched to mobile. Now the developers are engaged in a mobile time manager. Apparently, the money raised will go to the development of this game.

One of the early concepts of the new AY Games game
Note that the companies have already worked together.

The Games Fund helped the studio to establish cooperation with Deus Craft.

We plan to build a successful company and produce high-quality and, most importantly, fan games. Time management is one of the most interesting genres of the casual segment, while not obviously difficult in terms of development. There are subtleties in setting up the balance, timings and overall tactility of the game, but if you understand how it works, then you can create a really deep and exciting game. We are glad to cooperate with TGF — the foundation has an excellent reputation in the gaming community, and the founders have already shown themselves as reliable partners of AY Games in the past.

Oleg Vasiliev

Co-founder and CEO of AY Games.

The Games Fund appeared on the market in April 2021. It was founded by Ilya Eremeev, Maria Kochmola, Sergey Titov and GEM Capital. The Foundation is primarily interested in startups from Russia and the CIS. One of his last investments was in KEK Entertainment, a mobile studio founded by former Pixonic top managers. Together with the Play Ventures fund, he invested $3 million in developers. The deal with AY Games was the sixth for The Games Fund in a year.