The Chinese giant Tencent decided to support the local indie studio GSQ Games and bought 10% of its shares. The amount and terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Amazing Cultivation Simulator

The investment was announced by the Chinese business portal Gamelook with reference to the companies’ statement.

He also indicated that, perhaps, the developers will spend the money received on the development of two new projects.

Now GSQ Games has only one game on its account. Last November, she released Amazing Cultivation Simulator, a strategic simulator based on Chinese mythology. In it, the player needs to restore the greatness of the religious community: collect lost knowledge, recruit supporters and fight with other communities.

By the end of the year, the circulation of Amazing Cultivation Simulator exceeded 700 thousand copies sold in China alone (sales during early access were also taken into account).

Against the background of success, the developers decided to continue and announced the second part of Amazing Cultivation Simulator, which will be released in 2023. In addition, they are making a mobile version of the first game.

At the time of the title’s release, three people worked at GSQ Games. According to Gamelook, now the studio team has grown, but how much is not specified.

It should be noted that recently Tencent has been actively investing in small companies. According to Niko Partners, by mid-May 2021, the giant had already concluded six deals with startups. It is assumed that this will help Tencent strengthen its position in the Chinese gaming market, where it is facing growing competition from ByteDance and Alibaba.