Another game studio from Russia received investment from Tencent. The deal with the Chinese giant was announced by GFA Games, which is working on the PIONER shooter. The amount and terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

The money received by GFA GAMES will be spent on hiring new employees and further development of its game.

“Thanks to the resources and experience of Tencent, we will be able to attract even more talented people to the development and release PIONER faster. We are glad that our vision of the gaming world and the development vector of PIONER coincide so closely with Tencent,” said Alexander Nikitin, co—founder of GFA Games.

PIONER is the studio’s debut project. This is an MMO first-person shooter with RPG elements. The game takes place in Soviet times on an isolated technogenic anomaly island full of monsters. The title is being developed for PC. Its release is scheduled for 2022.

GFA Games was founded in 2017. Among its employees are former developers STALKER 2, Atomic Heart, Kings Bounty, Metro Exodus and Orange Cast.

It should be noted that Tencent is investing in Russian game development for the second time in a month. Last week, she invested in the Beryoski studio, founded by the authors of the tactical RTS “Partisans 1941”. In addition, at the beginning of the year, together with Gaijin Entertainment and GEM Capital, she supported the Moscow Mundfish, the creator of Atomic Heart.