The Finnish studio HypeHype (formerly Frogmind) received $ 15.5 million for the development of its new product — the platform of the same name, on which mobile and PC gamers can create their own games. Supercell gave the money to the company.

The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

In fact, HypeHype is a game designer in the spirit of Roblox. Users of the platform also do not need to understand programming, but it is assumed that the titles they have developed should be of high quality. In addition, HypeHype has tools for creating “animation with memes”.

“We believe that HypeHype will unlock the creative potential of billions of people and allow them to make even AAA games. Content creators will be able to collaborate with each other and ultimately make money from their games,” said Teemu Mäki—Patola, chief operating Officer of HypeHype.

The platform works both on a PC via a browser (HypeHype works as an HTML5 application on the web) and on smartphones. However, the main focus is on mobile. According to the company, thanks to HypeHype, developers will no longer need to spend months developing while sitting at a computer. Instead, they will be able to make games “in a couple of hours on the go.”

Another feature of HypeHype is that you can make so—called “remixes” of games on it. Users are allowed to use games made by other users of the platform as a basis for the development of their titles.

Now all titles created on HypeHype are single—player, but in the future the company wants to add support for multiplayer.

While HypeHype is in early access mode and works only in “selected” countries. Since the spring of 2021, the platform is available in the Philippines. Also, access to it is open to residents of Finland. To date, 132 thousand games have been created using HypeHype.

You can learn more about the platform here.

The HypeHype company, formerly known as Frogmind, opened in 2012. Among her most high-profile projects are the series of games Badland and Rumble Stars. In 2016, the studio entered into a long-term partnership with Supercell, which acquired 51% of HypeHype shares