The troubles of the Swedish Starbreeze do not end there. She planned to find a publisher for Payday 3, but negotiations with partners were disrupted by COVID-19. Now Starbreeze needs almost $27 million to save the situation.

The strategy of raising funds is as follows. Starbreeze will issue shares worth $26.8 million. 70% of the funds raised will go to find a publisher for Payday 3 and the development of the title. Another 30% of Starbreeze will pay off the debts remaining since the restructuring.

This strategy will be officially presented to shareholders on August 13. But the issue of securities has already been approved by the largest co-owners of the company, including Swedbank Robur and Digital Bros.

The latter is an Italian publisher, which bought a third of Starbreeze at the beginning of the year. He plans to earn up to $40 million on Payday 3. He has previously participated in the development of the Payday franchise, but he does not seem to be going to publish the third part himself.

As reported by, Starbreeze tried to find a publisher for Payday 3 at the beginning of the year. She was negotiating with “several leading partners,” but the COVID-19 pandemic prevented the plans.

Recall that Starbreeze went through a restructuring in 2018-2019. She cut costs, redistributed resources, laid off people and sold off assets. Among them, Dhruva Interactive studio and a number of IP were sold: System Shock 3, Dead by Daylight, Psychonauts 2. In the process, the publisher’s management expressed concerns that Starbreeze would close before the end of 2019.

Now in Digital Bros. and Starbreeze are betting on Payday 3. The title, they are convinced, will allow the Swedish company to get back on its feet. But it will not be released until 2022.

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