Sony now owns a small stake in the studio From Software, known for the Dark Souls series. This happened as a result of the creation of an alliance with the developer’s parent company.This became known from the quarterly report of Kadokawa Corporation Holding, which has owned From Software since 2014.

The alliance was created to strengthen the gaming and animation business.

As a result of the deal, Sony and CyberAgent, the third member of the alliance and the owner of the Japanese mobile developer CyGames, will receive a 1.93% stake in Kadokawa.

Among the main objectives of cooperation, the holding highlights the creation, development and purchase of new IP, as well as maximizing the value and development of existing titles.

From Software became famous thanks to the Souls series, as well as the games Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. More than half of the studio’s titles were released only on PlayStation. However, VGC notes that the deal does not impose obligations on From Software for the exclusivity of its future projects for the Sony platform.