Chinese giant Tencent could get even bigger. According to German media, the holding aimed to buy Crytek studio for €300 million. That’s just the profile analysts doubt the reality of the deal.


According to BILD, the takeover will be handled by the European division of Tencent.

Earlier, it acquired a minority stake in the French Dontnod Entertainment for €30 million.

BILD sources fear that Tencent has decided to acquire Crytek not for commercial, but for military purposes. They say that the holding is associated with the Chinese army and will use the CryEngine engine, which was developed by the studio, to simulate the use of weapons and training soldiers. In a similar way, this engine is used, for example, by the armies of Germany and the United States.

Henning Otte, the defense representative of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany, noted that if the Chinese army really gets access to CryEngine, the deal should be banned.

Neither Crytek nor Tencent responded to the publication’s requests. The German Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy said it did not comment on specific deals.

Analyst Daniel Ahmad commented on the takeover rumors. He treated them with skepticism and reminded that BILD is a tabloid focusing on sensational news. Therefore, you should not trust this source. Despite the fact that Crytek is actually looking for a buyer.