Roblox continues to fight for its reputation. This time she signed an agreement with Sony Music Entertainment, one of the largest record companies. Together they plan to attract more musicians to the Roblox platform.

The terms of the partnership are not disclosed. It is only known that it will allow “developing innovative musical opportunities” for the Roblox community.

We hope that with the help of our cooperation it will be possible to expand commercial opportunities at the junction of music and games more. An immersive online environment provides a good opportunity to reach an audience that wants to share music in virtual communities.

Dennis Kooker

President of Sony Music Entertainment for Global Digital Business and Sales in the USA

Previously, the companies have already worked together. In November 2020, the first virtual concert was held on the Roblox platform, where American rapper Lil Nas X performed. And in May 2021, singer Zara Larsson also held her concert.

Probably, the deal with Sony Music Entertainment should help Roblox settle the scandal in which it got into last month. Then music labels, including the major label Universal Music, accused the company of illegally using their music. They demanded compensation of $200 million from Roblox.

In the official press release, Roblox did not explicitly say that it was entering into a partnership for this purpose. But she noted at the end of the document that she respects the rights of all artists and will not tolerate repeated violations on the platform.

Also recently, the company began collaborating with the label BMG, announcing that it intends to help musicians find a new audience.