Play Ventures venture Fund has closed a new round of investments worth $135 million. The company, which has already invested in more than 20 studios, will spend these funds to support novice game developers.Now the total amount of funds raised has reached $175 million, according to an official statement from Play Ventures.

In August 2019, the fund raised $40 million, and among its initial investors were Modern Times Group and Rovio.

The first studio that Play Ventures invested in after the last round was All-Star Games. The Indian team received $1.5 million to develop sports games for mobile platforms.

“We will continue to invest in novice developers and gaming services around the world, as well as invest in ecosystems and countries that concern us — for example, in India and Latin America,” the company said in a statement.

Today, Play Ventures remains one of the most active investors in the gaming market. Since 2018, 24 studios from more than 10 countries have received funds from the fund. Last year alone, the company invested in 14 developers.

The Play Ventures Foundation, specializing in supporting small novice developers, was founded in 2018 by Harri Manninen and Henric Suuronen. The first at one time was the co-founder of the Rocket Pack studio, which developed its own engine for browser games (in 2011, the company was acquired by Disney). Heinrich was at the head of the mobile studio Nonstop Games, which in 2014 was bought by King for $ 32 million.