The Polish company People Can Fly, which developed Painkiller, Bulletstorm and Outriders, has announced a new purchase. The studio Phosphor Games from Chicago passed into her hands. It is not known how much the deal cost.

Phosphor Games will continue to operate under the name People Can Fly Chicago. The studio will become the seventh division of PCF and the third in the USA.

According to the CEO of Phosphor Games, Justin Corcoran, she will help with increasing the awareness of the PCF brand around the world and will join the development of games that PCF is engaged in.

“The acquisition of Phosphor Games is part of the implementation of our strategy announced during the recent IPO,” added PCF CEO Sebastian Wojciechowski. “Given the variety of current projects, we need experienced and ambitious professionals to bring these plans to life.”

Note that PCF is currently working on two AAA projects, not counting support for Outriders released less than a month ago. This is a kind of joint game with Square Enix and an “original adventure title” for Take-Two Interactive.

Phosphor Games was founded in 2009. There are 20 projects in the portfolio, the most famous of them are The Brookhaven Experiment, Gemini: Heroes Reborn and Nether: Resurrected.