Nordisk Games has announced a new takeover. She acquired the Danish studio Flashbulb Games, which is known for the racing sandbox Trailmakers. The volume and terms of the transaction are not disclosed, but we can talk about hundreds of millions of Danish crowns.

According to the press release, Nordisk Games is ready to estimate the value of 100% of Flashbulb Games shares in such an amount if the studio reaches the necessary financial indicators in the coming years.

Note that before Nordisk Games already owned 43% of the shares of Danish developers. The company acquired them in 2017 for 16.5 million Danish crowns ($2.5 million).

As noted by Rune Dittmer, managing partner and co-founder of Flashbulb Games, the takeover will have almost no impact on the workflows in the studio.

Head of Flashbulb Games

Flashbulb Games was founded in 2016 by people from the Danish studio Press Play. So far, the company has two games on its account — Trailmakers and the MMO-thriller Rubber Bandits. The release of the latter is scheduled for this Thursday, December 2.

For Nordisk Games, the deal with Flashbulb Games was the second in November. A week and a half ago, she became the majority shareholder of the Star Stable Entertainment studio, increasing her stake in it to 57%. In total, Nordisk Games has invested more than €200 million in game studios to date.