The Finnish studio Lightheart Entertainment, known for the mobile platformer Mr. Autofire, has attracted investments in the amount of $ 6.8 million. The company plans to spend these funds on developing games that combine elements of hyper-casual and midcore titles.

Mr Autofire

Lightheart Entertainment announced this yesterday on its official website. The main investor in round “A” was the venture capital firm Maker Fund. Galaxy Interactive and Sisu Game Ventures also invested money in the studio.

Lightheart Entertainment currently employs 12 people. The studio uses the attracted investments to expand the staff and create prototypes for its next title in the genre of “hypercore”. This is what developers call games that combine the intuitive gameplay of hyper-casual titles with meta and service support for midcore projects.

At the moment, Lightheart Entertainment has released only one platformer game, Mr Autofire, for iOS and Android. Since its launch in 2019, it has generated 5 million downloads, earning over $10 million.

CEO of Lightheart Entertainment Kalle Kaivola notes that the studio deliberately abandoned softlonches and global releases. Developers try to think through the concepts and mechanics of their projects even at the stage of prototyping, after which they test them on a live audience. “First we invest a little money in marketing, learn from mistakes, and then repeat this process again,” says Kayvola.