Japanese publisher KONAMI has started working with the Polish studio Bloober Team, specializing in horror games. The companies are going to “develop selected content together and share their accumulated experience.”

The Medium
What exactly KONAMI and the Bloober Team will do is not specified.

But the deal caused another wave of rumors. According to one of the popular versions, one of the future joint projects of the companies may be a new Silent Hill.

The fact is that in a separate press release KONAMI wrote that the Bloober Team will develop games based on both new and existing franchises of the Japanese company. According to VGC, citing its own sources, one of the future projects is connected with Silent Hill.

In February, the head of the Bloober Team, Piotr Babieno, stated that his studio was working on a horror franchise with “a very famous game publisher.” This phrase already made many people think that the Bloober Team was developing Silent Hill. Although Babieno did not say what kind of horror franchise it is, he noted – “when people understand what project we are working on, they will be very excited.”

Now the Polish studio has several horror films on its account: Layers of Fear, Observer, Blair Witch and The Medium, released in January, which was repeatedly compared in the press with the first parts of Silent Hill.

Note that KONAMI used to oppose third-party studios making games based on its franchises. But the situation could change after the unsuccessful launch of Metal Gear Survive and Contra: Rogue Corps.

Recently, rumors about the new Silent Hill have been especially actively exaggerated. According to a recent theory, Blue Box, an indie studio from the Netherlands, can develop the famous horror. It is assumed that Hideo Kojima, who at one time officially developed Silent Hill, could have had a hand in her Abandoned game.