The French studio Million Victories, which developed the mobile strategy of Million Lords, closed the Series A funding round. The company received an amount of $ 3 million. The round was led by the Griffin Gaming Partners venture fund.

According to Benoît Ducrest, American venture capital companies do not often support game developers from France. With the help of the funds received, the studio plans to develop its games both at home and in the USA. Million Victories will also spend money on accelerating the growth of the studio as a whole, hiring additional employees and creating new games.

The current funding round is the second for Million Victories. In July 2019, the studio received $1.4 million to support the Million Lords game as part of the seed round. Who allocated the money to her then is unknown.

The global release of Million Lords took place in September 2019. This is a mobile MMORTS in which gamers are trying to conquer as many different territories in the world as possible under the name “Troezemye”.

According to the developers, to date, the game has been downloaded over 500 thousand times. According to AppMagic analysts, over the past year, Million Lords’ earnings amounted to $826 thousand with IAP with 124 thousand downloads.

Million Victories itself was founded in 2017. Million Lords is the only game in her portfolio so far.

The Griffin Gaming Partners Fund was launched in 2018. He regularly invests in gaming companies, and last November raised $235 million for this. Previously, the fund’s money was received by Discord, Frost Giant Studio, Overwolf and Theorycraft Games.