The domestic Kefir decided to support the open source Godot Engine. The developers have allocated a grant to its owners in the amount of $ 120 thousand.

The investment was reported by the authors of the engine. According to them, the money received will go to the development of Godot. In particular, they plan to hire additional specialists to their team and extend the contracts of existing ones.

Kefir has been cooperating with Godot for a long time. Although the studio makes its games on a different engine, developers use Godot to create internal prototypes. Kefir does not exclude that in the future it will become more active to use the capabilities of the engine.

Many thanks to Godot for the incredible contribution to game development. It is a great honor for us to provide a little help in this great cause. And we are always ready to support powerful, cool, unusual games and teams, regardless of their platform, tools and development stage.

Alyosha Stalin

Kefir Business Development Director

Godot is a cross—platform game engine with which you can create two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics. It is distributed under a free MIT license (it allows you to use the code in closed software, provided that the license text is also present in this software).

Kefir is a development studio with offices in Volgograd and St. Petersburg. She gained the greatest fame thanks to the release of the games Last Day on Earth, Grim Soul, “Prison”, “Metro 2033” and “In the Trench”.