KEK Entertainment is a new mobile studio with Russian roots. It was founded by Georgy Egorov and Oleg Poroshin, former top managers of Pixonic. The company has already conducted a pre-seed round of financing, within which it received $3 million from investors.

Two venture funds have invested in the studio — The Games Fund and Play Ventures. The money raised will be used for the development of KEK Entertainment and the development of its first game — a mobile competitive action with “deep” tactical elements.

“Our goal is to assemble a team of top specialists, use all the accumulated experience and knowledge to give players the best experience on the market. To do this, we have teamed up with The Games Fund and Play Ventures. In them we see not only investors, but also like-minded people who really understand the market. It will be a legendary adventure,” commented Egorov, CEO of KEK Entertainment, on the launch of the studio.

KEK Entertainment started working in September, but its opening was officially announced only now. The studio’s offices are located in Moscow and Cyprus.

Recall that Egorov and Poroshin have been in charge of Pixonic since 2019. Egorov held the position of General Director, and Poroshin was the Chief Operating Officer. Both left Pixonic this summer. During their work, the company’s revenue grew to $500 million, which made Pixonic one of the largest in the European gaming market.