Epic Games is going to hold another round of investments worth $ 1.7 billion. After that, the valuation of the company, which still remains private, will reach $28 billion. Plans for an IPO are still out of the question.Bloomberg sources report that Epic Games has already reached an agreement to receive $1 billion.

The final amount, which will be determined in the near future, may reach $1.7 billion.

The company will receive money from several funds and large institutional investors, among whom there are current backers. Bloomberg suggests that part of the funds will be spent, including on a lawsuit with Apple.

In August last year, Epic Games attracted investments worth $1.78 billion, including $250 million from Sony. Then the company’s valuation was $17.3 billion. After the new round, it may increase by another $10-11 billion.

As the British portal Sky News notes, attracting additional investments cannot be regarded as the desire of Epic Games to conduct an IPO in the future. At the same time, some investors do not exclude that the company may enter the stock exchange through a merger with SPAC in the medium term.