Epic Games has a new development studio in Poland. The backbone of the team will be made up of employees of Plastic, which specializes in games for the demo stage.

It is still unknown what the first project of the Polish studio will be.

But, according to Epic Games, this division will be engaged in “original and independent games that will expand the boundaries of graphics and game development.”

Epic Games’ press release does not specify whether it has bought Plastic. In it, the authors of Fortnite stated only that they were “joined by a team from Plastic”, which can mean both hiring individual employees and buying it entirely.

The job description for the new studio already says that Epic Games has “teamed up with Plastic.” In addition, the head of the demo company Michal Staniszewski wrote on Twitter that Plastic is now officially part of Epic Games. So, probably, we are still talking about buying.

Currently, Epic Games has 32 offices. It should be noted that the company rarely buys development studios, much more often it makes deals with the owners of specialized platforms.

For example, last summer it acquired Sketchfab, a platform for publishing 3D models, and in the spring it acquired ArtStation, a platform for artists. As for the game developers themselves, one of the last high-profile purchases was the Harmonix studio, known for the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises.

Plastic opened in 1997. On her account is the development of projects such as Linger in Shadows, Datura and Bound.