There is a replenishment in the Epic Games family. It was joined by Sketchfab, a platform for publishing interactive 3D models. The size of the transaction is not specified.

Sketchfab will remain an operationally independent platform and retain its vision and mission. However, now she will work closely with Epic Games, including in working with the concept of the metaverse. The platform is already integrated with other services of the company — RealityCapture and ArtStation.

Joining Epic will accelerate the development of Sketchfab. We will improve our set of online tools and provide a deeper experience for 3D model makers. We are proud that we are now working together with Epic to create a metaverse and open up new opportunities for creators.

Alban Denoyel

CEO and co-founder of Sketchfab

Starting today, Sketchfab will reduce the commission in its store to 12%. She also decided to cancel the Sketchfab Plus tariff and make all previously included functions free of charge. The platform will automatically transfer all users of this tariff to Sketchfab Pro at no additional charge.

Sketchfab began collaborating with Epic Games in March 2021. Then the platform won MegaGrant.

Sketchfab was launched in 2012. This platform allows not only to place and sell 3D models, but also to view them in real time on any platform. To date, over three million models have been uploaded to the service.