The server capacity of 1047 Games is not enough to cope with all the players who decided to enter the beta version of its multiplayer shooter Splitgate. To solve the problem, the studio raised $ 10 million from investors and postponed the release of the game until August.

The new round of financing was led by Human Capital. The money raised will also be used to expand the development team.

Splitgate appeared on Steam back in 2019. But on July 13, 2021, the developers launched open beta testing on consoles with crossplay support, after which the number of players in the shooter began to grow sharply. By the end of the first week of beta, Splitgate had surpassed the mark of 600 thousand downloads on consoles, and by the end of the second — two million downloads.

The servers could not withstand such an influx of users, so 1047 Games had to turn off the game several times. At the same time, the developers found out that their servers are designed for only 65,536 simultaneous players.

The release of the shooter was supposed to take place today, July 27. Now it will be held in August — the studio did not name the exact date.

As of today, 1047 Games has raised a total of $20 million from investors. The company closed the previous round of financing in May. Then she received $6.5 million, which she was going to spend on marketing and new content for Splitgate.