Beamable, which filed for bankruptcy last October, is doing well now. The authors of Star Trek Timelines received $5 million from investors. The company is going to spend this money on the development of its technology for servicing Unity-based game services.

The main investors were Companyon Ventures and GrandBanks Capital. They were also joined by Defy venture and Oyster Funds.

“We made the decision to invest after we talked to studios that use Beamable technology,” commented Firas Raouf, General Partner of Companyon Ventures. “We were impressed that with its help, any developer can make games without being distracted by creating and rebuilding the backend structure of the project.”

Beamable released an SDK for game services in early 2020. Cloud software is integrated with the Unity engine and allows you to create in-game stores, add social functions, and simplify work with content. According to the company, today more than a hundred game studios work with its SDK.

Note that before the launch of this service, Beamable was known as Disruptor Beam and made games based on popular TV series. Among other things, she developed Star Trek Timelines, Game of Thrones Ascent and The Walking Dead: March to War. Now the gaming direction of the company is closed. In addition, four months ago Beamable began bankruptcy proceedings due to accumulated debts. But at the same time, the company stated that it would not stop working even after bankruptcy.