Mobile publisher Azur Games has joined the race to build metaverses. A company with Russian roots has announced its own metaverse project based on the game . She also launched the NFT direction and announced M&A plans.

The new Azur Games project will be called Axes Metaverse. According to the company, the metaverse “will cover the whole world of Axes” and will start with the launch of the continuation of the original game — Axes 2.0. It will also become the first NFT project of Azur Games (the company has already invested $ 2 million in its development).

Recall that — this is an isometric PvE action in the battle royale format, which has collected 35 million downloads since its release in 2019. The user must defeat all opponents by throwing various cold weapons at them. Axes 2.0 will allow you to fight not only with bots, but also with other players.

The first NFTs should appear in Axes Metaverse in December. Users will be able to farm them as well as buy/sell them on a special marketplace. As Azur Games clarifies, all earned tokens will remain with players forever and they can be used in future projects of the company. But in order for the NFT not to devalue, the publisher plans to create a “deflationary economy” in Axes Metaverse — sometimes tokens will have to be destroyed to improve the characters.

“We see great potential in the opportunity for players to have real proof of possession of unique in-game items and characters. This was often not enough for those video games where collecting and trading occupied an important part of the meta. And NFT offers unique opportunities in this regard,” said Dmitry Yaminsky, co—founder of Azur Games.

In the future, Azur Games is going to actively develop all the NFT-direction of the company. She plans to invest $10 million in it for 2022 and has now begun to look at new developers and studios “with good ideas and ready-made projects.”

Recently, more and more companies have been talking about creating their own metaverses. For example, a month ago, Facebook announced its metaverse ambitions, which in addition to this was renamed Meta. Following her, Microsoft announced the metaverse. Companies with Russian roots did not stand aside either. In particular, MYTONA presented its project.

The concept of metaverses is often associated with NFT, the boom around which also does not subside. Two weeks ago, Zynga told about its plans in the field of blockchain games, and two weeks before it, Ubisoft assured that it would pay more attention to NFT.