Tonight, Playrix and Zemfira presented an unexpected collaboration. The singer, who rarely releases new material, has published a new track and video “Austin”. It is dedicated to the eponymous butler from the game Homescapes.

The premiere of the clip “Austin” took place on the official channel of Zemfira. Now the video is on the 17th line in the “Trends” tab.

According to the singer, she wrote the song last fall while playing at home in Homescapes. “He really annoys me with his sterility, orderliness, with his whole being, but he is an indispensable character in my life, and I constantly return to him,” she says of the butler.

The plot of the video turned out to be quite creepy. In it, Austin walks through a gloomy and dilapidated mansion, which eventually burns down. As a result, all this turns out to be a simple nightmare, and the butler himself wakes up inside a mobile game.

As Playrix says, the idea of collaboration came from Zemfira and her team. The video was directed and written by Alexey Krupnik, and the song “Austin” was released on the eve of the release of the singer’s new album.

Game studios often collaborate with musicians of different genres to promote their games. For example, last year Noize MC recorded the song “League of Legends” for League of Legends, and the Korn group collaborated with Wargaming as part of the Finally Free video.