If you, as the editors of App2Top, have some weakness for old-fashioned platformers in the spirit of Super Mario Brothers, then this news is for you: Goblin Sword will be released on Thursday.goblin_sword

The official trailer of the game has appeared online. It makes it clear that the authors rely on the nostalgic experience that almost everyone who grew up in the early 90s has: Goblin Sword is very similar to classic 2d platformers. According to the authors, the indie studio GelatoGames, the management will be as authentic as possible and at the same time customized (we can’t help but wonder how exactly this will be implemented).



So far , the following is known about the game: it will cost 99 cents, will not require additional cash injections and it will have 48 levels with 6 bosses. Oh, yes! Did we mention that there will be goblins in it?