Released three years ago, Beat Saber can still compete for the title of one of the most popular rhythm games for virtual reality. Studio Beat Games reported the sale of over 4 million copies of the title and 40 million songs from the DLC.

The developers told about this on Twitter.

The success of Beat Saber was also confirmed by representatives of Oculus (since November 2019, the Beat Games studio has been part of this company). According to them, the game was able to achieve such a result thanks to the recently added multiplayer mode.

Beat Saber appeared on the market back in May 2018. Then it was released in the early access format on Steam and Oculus Store. The official release of the VR game took place only by May 2019 — at that time, the circulation of the title already exceeded 1 million copies sold. Now you can launch Beat Saber on PC, PS4 and Oculus Quest.