After 10 years, the creators of the Russian UNIGINE engine decided to return to game development. As part of the anniversary of the Oil Rush strategy, the company announced work on its new title.Oil Rush

UNIGINE announced this on its official website.

According to the developers, at one time Oil Rush “helped us realize our own potential, opened many doors and showed the directions in which we have been developing since then.”

So far, UNIGINE is not ready to make a full-fledged announcement of a new project. Details about the game, its genre, concept and target platforms will surely appear later.

In honor of the 10th anniversary of Oil Rush, UNIGINE also decided to make it completely free. Now the game can be downloaded on Steam.

“We are grateful to those who pre—ordered and bought our first game, played it, left comments — we really appreciate each of you,” the company said in a statement. — It seems that 10 years is a whole epoch, but we hope that there is still a place in your heart for the game in which we have invested our soul.”

The UNIGINE engine has been on the market for more than 15 years. It is used both for scientific research and virtual reality systems, and for game development. One of the most notable titles on the engine was the Oil Rush strategy, released by UNIGINE on January 25, 2012.