The authors of the Rec Room social VR platform, which allows you to communicate and create your own games, reported on the achievement of a MAU of 1 million people. Half of the users are owners of Oculus Quest 2 helmets.It is worth noting that we are talking only about players with VR devices.

For a niche with a still relatively small user base, this is a great success.

“Our VR users, who log into the game daily, spend an average of 2.7 hours in it. On Quest 2, he is responsible for half of our VR audience. In recent months, we have seen an amazing growth in VR users, said game designer Shawn Whiting.

By the way, last weekend the VR-online project reached 45 thousand players.

Rec Room was released in 2016 and is distributed free of charge. It is a virtual platform that allows users to interact with each other, play embedded mini-games, and even create their own games and worlds.

Now Rec Room is also available to users without virtual reality helmets on PC, iOS and Sony and Microsoft consoles (on Xbox it is the most downloaded free game). The developers do not give exact figures, however, they note that the MAU on all platforms is much higher than the announced 1 million active VR players.

To date, developers from Rec Room Inc have attracted $49 million in investments and hope to compete with Roblox and other UGC-oriented games in the future.